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Guy Fanguy the Musician

Guy Fanguy is a musician as well as a visual artist. He took guitar lessons as well as art lessons. His guitar lessons were from Pot Folse of Raceland, Louisiana back in the 60's. Pot Folse had a record shop where guitar lessons were held on Saturdays. Guys first gig was with his cousin Lester Fournier who played drums. They played for their grand parents Shelly Fanguy's Christmas gathering. Guy joined a Rock and Country band in the 70's called Green Field. The members were Ricky Saminie, Maurice Matherne and Randy Marcel and all were from Bayou Blue, Louisiana.  They played for many weddings and teenage dances. Guy joined a worship team playing lead guitar around 1987, where his wife Glenda Fanguy was the worship leader. Glenda is a vocalist and her music can be heard on her web page.

Guy had composed his own music by learning the piano while playing guitar for the church he attended.

The music downloads are music all composed by Guy Fanguy.


click below to listen to songs created by Guy Fanguy

Instrumental Music by Guy Fanguy


Guy plays Guitar and Piano in a multitrack system. By adding tracks of various instruments, he composes a well balanced song that is enjoyable to listen too.





 Guy Fanguy Singing and Playing

Guy sings to these songs which he has composed on a multitrack system. Guy adds the Guitar and Piano along with some string instruments to these tracks as well



 Fanguy Movie Productions

Home Movies including "Return of Nutriaman"