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Guy Fanguy's Home Movie Productions

"Return of Nutria Man"

Video Photographer, Guy Fanguy created a Home Video Movie involving all his family and relatives.


Everything was shot on the Fanguy Family Property down in South Louisiana on Bayou Blue near Houma, which is 60 miles southwest of New Orleans.
The movie was recorded in 1985 with VHS and edited using multiple VHS decks and key color generator for Text.

Movie is about a nutria (native large rat) that became a large creature wearing a Welders Hood and attacks the neighborhood.
The creature raises his hood at the end of the movie to reveal his true identity.
Two local hunters try to hunt down this mad creature who only seems to like to eat empty beer cans.

All the locals try to catch the Nutriaman in the bayous and swamps of Louisiana.

Guy's motive was to create a family home movie that generations on down could enjoy and see past relatives as movie stars.

Cast: Guy Fanguy, Kevin Fanguy, Brent Fanguy, Glenda Fanguy, Roberta Fanguy, Julius Fanguy, Ryan Fanguy, Lawrence Fanguy, Hugh Paul Fanguy,
Joann Fanguy, Tommy Fournier, Earl Fournier, Lester Fournier, Gordon McAdams, Helena Barrileaux McAdams, Dana Loftman,
Elodie Blades, Loucile Fanguy, James Chassion, Connie Chassion, Marty Chassion, Jerry Barrileaux, David Lewis, Mike Wayne, Julie Barrileaux

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